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Yellowfin Tuna Belly Chunks

Yellowfin Tuna Belly Chunks

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a premium source of protein 

The Yellowfin Tuna Belly Chunks contain all necessary amino acids for good cell development.



As an oily fish, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (EPA and DHA) are known to protect the heart, support circulation and prevent heart disease.

It is also a rich source of potassium, which helps to lower blood pressure.

Niacin or vitamin B3 is abundant in tuna. This vitamin helps keeping HDL cholesterol at healthy levels.

It has high levels of iron and iodine, two minerals that are essential for the health of our fluffy friends

It contains vitamins A and D which help to maintain strong bones, and B3 and B12. Omega 3, selenium, vitamin B6 and B12 are stimulants and create endorphins.

A complement to the daily diet and a healthy treat

100% natural with no added salt, no additives, no preservatives.

A food with all the benefits of the best Omega 3 and 6, scientifically proven to come from fish protein. 

Vet and nutrionist recommended

Handmade in Galicia, Spain


As a complementary food, it can be included in the daily diet, accompanied by other food or being served as a healthy treat.

Always provide fresh drinking water for your fluffy friends in a clean bowl and serve with water as a topping; it hydrates them

Canned pet food, not suitable for human consumption

Store in a cool, dry place.

Serve at room temperature.

Once opened, consume in its entirety or keep refrigerated covered by the covering liquid.

Consume within 48 hours

The recommended amount of light tuna blizzard that can be fed per day will depend on your dog's size.

Don't feed it more than two or three times per week.

Size chart

+31 kg 200 g

21-30 kg 160 g

11-20 kg 125 g

6-10 kg 63 g

-5 kg 40 g


Ingredients (per 120g):

Water: 32 g

Tuna belly: 78 g

Nutritional information (per 100g):

Crude protein: 16 g

Moisture content: 78%.

Ash: <1 g

Crude fat: 13 g

Contains no oil, additives, preservatives or colorings.

No salt added 

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