Collection: OMNIAGIOIA

OMNIAGIOIA - 3D print dog essentials

United by the love for animals and nature, Daria and Ileana founded Omniagioia in 2022. The brand gives value to the gesture of recycling and the use of new technologies.
The purpose is offering sustainable products, creating a traceable supply chain and a circular economy procedure. To avoid new plastic materials, their products are made of recycled PET water bottles via 3D printing. 

Daria’s and Ileana’s aim is to create objects, characterised by a simple and essential aesthetic line where the functionality of the object gives its dignity and beauty.
The whole collection, designed for design and animal lovers, is available in five colors (limo, milk, sage, ocean, universe) inspired by the natural elements. To differentiate their products from the rest of sustainable 3D printed products on the market, they work on commission and offer a customisable product that establishes a unique relationship with each customer.

OMNIAGIOIA Fluffy Collective