Collection: HARLOW HARRY

HARLOW HARRY - sophisticated vegan perfumes for dogs

Best friends with a shared passion for their dogs and business, on a mission to redefine pet fragrances. Unable to find exactly what they wanted from pet sprays within the market, Rachel and Grant set to work to develop a premium fragrance line like no other. And with that, the brand was born. It is named after each of the co-founders pets. Harlow is Grant’s Italian Greyhound, and Harry was the name of Rachel’s first pet, a Siamese cat.

Being fragrance lovers, they wanted their scents to evoke the same joyous response of sophisticated human fragrances, but for dogs! The pet fragrances were crafted alongside a fifth generation perfumer from Grasse in France – known as the perfume capital of the world. With such expertise and heritage at their disposal, Rachel and Grant created a selection of parfums that appeal to the human senses, developed exclusively and safely for dogs.

HARLOW HARRY Fluffy Collective