the finest for our fluffy friends

Andrea and Emil

Fluffy Collective is a thoughtfully curated online shop dedicated to celebrating our fluffy friends, catering to pet parents who appreciate aesthetics, quality, and well-being, and make conscious choices for their fluffy family members as they do for themselves.

The brand mix fuses artisans, local labels, niche brands from around the world and female entrepreneurs, who all have a shared aim of creating remarkable products for our fluffy loved ones.

As a female founder myself, I started Fluffy Collective in 2022. More than a decade of high-end brand, retail and online experiences and a fluffy fellow, named Emil, who brightens up my life every single day, laid the foundation.

Being new as a brand and business to this challenging world, we are committed from day one to making our individual contribution to reduce the impact on our planet. Fluffy Collective is partner of One Percent for the Planet, a global organisation, whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual revenue to environmental causes. 

Fluffy Collective envisions itself as a conscious and curated destination shaping the future of pet accessories and promoting a forward-thinking lifestyle for our dogs and cats.

Dive into our unique brand and product edit, partly exclusive for the German-speaking market, and enjoy your time with us.

With love, Andrea and Emil