Collection: LUNOJI

enrichment feeder for dogs

After a neighbor's dog passed from choking, Adrian became very aware of the risk of giving your dog a chew treat. Chewing however, is a natural and beneficial enrichment activity for dogs, improving their dental health and stimulating them mentally. Realising that many dog parents painstakingly hold onto their dog's chews or give them up entirely, Adrian decided to work on designing something that could make dog enrichment fun and fuss-free. The result was Chewden, a patent-pending, interactive enrichment feeder for dogs. With it, dog chews and frozen treats can be safer, mess-free, and more.

Based in Singapur, together with his greyhound Oji, Adrian wants to help remove barriers that stand between modern life and care for our fluffy friends. Safety is their priority, and they opt for recyclable materials where possible.

LUNOJI Fluffy Collective