Collection: PALA

redefined raw food for dogs

Pala is redefining raw food for dogs - raw but not wet or frozen, air-dried but not cooked, highly digestible and bio-available, complete and balanced, with an extra helping of Omegas 3 & 6, probiotics and enzymes. Their innovative, sterile, closed-loop technique gently removes moisture from natural ingredients without compromising the integrity of the proteins and enzymes. Pala products do not require freezing or refrigeration and can be served without any prior preparation. 

The Finnish brand brings a touch of Nordic sophistication to pet nutrition. All the products are made in their kitchen in Estonia, the recipes are developed in collaboration with DogRisk, a leading independent research organization focusing on canine nutrition and health at the University of Helsinki. Pala has also teamed up with Tallinn Technical University to implement the latest innovations in food preparation and preservation.

PALA Fluffy Collective