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UP DOG TOYS - interactive enrichment toys for dogs

Based in Seattle, Up Dog Toys is dedicated to designing the most unique and functional toys for happy dogs and their families. The story began after Mui and Mulan, the beloved furry friends of founder Fred, passed away.

To keep their memories alive and prevent them from fading with time, Fred decided to create a pet brand inspired by his experiences with them. This heartfelt motivation led to the birth of the brand, crafted with forever friendship in mind.

The American brand aims to enhance daily experiences, create special moments, and build lasting memories with our fluffy companions. In addition to providing innovative and engaging toys, they are committed to making a positive impact.

They donate a portion of their income to The Humane Society, an animal welfare organization dedicated to helping animals in need. Through their thoughtful designs and charitable efforts, Fred and team strive to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

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