apple leather walk essentials

Skylos Collective was founded in 2021, by Ella Peters, coming from a background in sustainable development in the fashion industry. It brings Ella's knowledge into the pet industry and combines timeless and sophisticated designs with sustainable but functional materials.
The collars, leashes and poop bag purses are made with apple leather, which originates from Italy. It is certified as PETA approved vegan, OEKO-tex, Global Recycled Standard, ISO and many more. To produce locally, Skylos Collective has partnered with a female-owned, highly skilled manufacturer in the UK. The whole collection is handmade by artisans, striving to fulfil the highest quality standards. 
With Skylos Collective, Ella and Alli, the Chief Executive Pooch, are trying to build trust and create meaningful impact with their work. Transparency is one of the core pillars of Skylos Collective. All products have a unique QR code on their tag, which shows the customers first-hand the value chain of their new product and shares details about the brand's sustainability commitments, e.g the 2% donations to the Animal Welfare Society of South Africa.