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Vegan Wooden Dog Brush

Vegan Wooden Dog Brush

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for a smoother coat

Groom your fluffy friend with a sustainable dog hair brush, which is designed to feel great for your pooch and you.  


This vegan dog hair brush is crafted from soft FSC-certified beech wood.

Free from glues, varnishes or other animal components.

The wooden pins gently massage the coat, helping to keep it mat-free without pulling the scalp.

Made for long or fine hair

Made in Germany



Length: 20 cm


Length: 24 cm


Gently brush away from your fluffy friend’s skin in the same direction as the coat grows.

Take your time to carefully untangle any knots, just as you would with your own hair.

If the tangles aren’t coming out easily, try applying some grooming spray leave in conditioner and use a comb or rake to separate the knot.

If you are unable to loosen the knot, it’s time to visit your professional groomer or vet.

We don’t recommend using scissors to cut out knots, as sometimes you can accidently hurt your dog’s skin. 

If your dog is nervous with the brush, take it slow and keep the experience positive – brushing small areas at a time and using treats or rewards can help. 

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