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This rake helps your feline friend remove loose undercoat and reduces knotting.


A useful tool for most coat types, this rake will clean, remove loose undercoat, stimulate blood flow and increase natural coat oils.

Not tested on animals, just lovingly used on them.

Recommended and used by vets, especially Dr Lisa Chimes.

Made from sustainable bamboo in Australia


Length: 17 cm


Ideally cats should be brushed at least once per day in addition to their self-grooming.

It’s best to use the rake when your cat is relaxed.

Gently slide the rake through your cat’s coat in the same direction as the coat grows.

Use short strokes all over the coat until you have removed all the loose hair.

For long-haired cats, take your time to carefully untangle any knots, just as you would with your own hair.

If the tangles aren’t coming out easily, it’s time to visit your professional groomer or vet.

We don’t recommend using scissors to cut out knots, as sometimes you can accidently cut your cat’s skin.

Some cats enjoy the rake, but if your cat is apprehensive, take it very slow and keep the experience positive – raking small areas at a time and using treats or rewards can help.

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