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Water-Resistant Dog Snood Pistachio

Water-Resistant Dog Snood Pistachio

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rain-proof your walks

This handmade accessory keeps your fluffy friend's floppy ears clean and dry.


A dog snood is a stylish and functional covering that is worn around the neck, head, or ears.

It is ideal for dogs with longer ears, like Spaniels and Hounds, to keep their ears out of their food during mealtimes.

It is durable, water-resistant and ready-made for all adventures.

Best to put it on during mealtime, daily walks and on rainy days.

Handmade with love in Singapur



Recommended head circumference: 22 - 25 cm

Snood length: 17 cm

Suggested breeds: Maltese, Papillon, Toy Poodle, etc.
X-Small fits most breeds under 4 kg.


Recommended head circumference: 26 - 30 cm

Snood length: 20 cm

Suggested breeds: Dachshund, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,
Cocker Spaniel Puppies (3 to 9 months), Miniature Poodles, etc.
Small fits most breeds under 8 kg.


Recommended head circumference: 31 - 34 cm

Snood length: 24 cm

Suggested breeds: Beagle, Cockapoo, Cocker Spaniel (from 9 months, up to 13 kg), Medium Poodle, Medium Doodle, etc.
Medium fits most breeds under 13 kg.


Recommended head circumference:
35 - 40 cm

Snood length: 26 cm

Suggested breeds: Basset Hound, Large Doodles, Springer Spaniel, etc.
Large fits most breeds under 16 kg.

If your dog has thick long ears, measuring between 17-20 cm in length, please go for size large.

Please note, as the snoods are handmade, please allow a max. 1 cm difference in measurements.

How to measure

Step 1

Using a soft measuring tape, measuring the circumference of your dog’s head at its widest point, just in front of their ears.

Step 2

Measure the length from the top of their head to their neck.

Step 3

Measure your dog’s neck circumference at its widest point.

Step 4

Reward your fluffy friend generously with the favourite treats.


65% cotton

35% polyester

Hand wash with mild detergent.

Lay flat to dry and avoid shrinkage.

Do not tumble dry.

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