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The Mini Dining Set

The Mini Dining Set

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dining pleasure

The Mini Dining Set seamlessly blends form and function, bringing joy to you and your fluffy friend.


Enriched with functional details, it consists of two ceramic bowls and a handmade mini bamboo tray.

The bowls are durable, food safe and easy to clean.

The bamboo stand acts as a mat that increases the stability of the bowls and also effectively protects against scratches on the floor.

The silicone elements on the bottom provide traction, preventing it from sliding when eating or drinking.

The set will perfectly complement the interior design in your home.

Made by Polish manufacturers


The mini size is suitable for the smallest dogs.


Top Ø 11 cm

Bottom Ø 13 cm

Height 6 cm


Ø 13,5 cm

Length 30 cm


Ceramic bowls can be washed in the dishwasher or in soapy water.

The bamboo stand, due to the material from which it was made, is best wiped with a damp towel and left to dry.

Please note, the base has a double layer of saturation, but it is recommended to remove water from its surface.

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