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Star Shooter Dog Onesie

Star Shooter Dog Onesie

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Star Shooter Dog Onesie

Fashion forward - upgrade your fluffy friend's wardrobe with the Star Shooter Dog Onesie.

This red and blue striped cotton onesie from Little Beast is a perfect blend of style and practicality, designed in NYC and made in Korea. For best results, hand wash the onesie, but it can also be machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle with like colors. 

Little Beast, founded in a New York City apartment in 2018, has quickly become a beloved brand among dogs and their humans. Their signature stripe onesies showcase quality fabric, comfort, and overall cuteness.

Ideal for chilly days or for households with guests sensitive to dog shedding, these onesies not only look fantastic but are also highly practical. The thoughtful design and careful selection of materials reflect the brand’s commitment to both style and functionality, making Little Beast dog onesies a must-have for fashionable fluffy friends.


Lightweight stretch onesie

Designed in NYC, made in Korea



Back: 20 - 25,5 cm

Chest: 30,5 - 38 cm

Up to 3,6 kg


Back: 25 - 30,5 cm

Chest: 38 - 45 cm

Up to 5,4 kg


Back: 30,5 - 35,5 cm

Chest: 40,5 - 50 cm

Up to 7,7 kg


Back: 33 - 40,5 cm

Chest: 50 - 60 cm

Up to 11 kg


96% cotton 4% spandex

Hand wash is best, but machine wash cold works too.

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle with like colors.

Tumble dry low.

Dry clean allowed.

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