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Silicone Dog Treat Dispenser Black

Silicone Dog Treat Dispenser Black

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a sleek walk necessity

Designed with a unique shape, this Silicone Dog Treat Dispenser makes squeezing treats effortless.


To fill, squeeze the dispenser with the slit facing up and add your fluffy friend's favorite treats.

Simply squeeze to dispense treats.

The dispenser allows dog parents to easily control the amount of treats released.

Perfect for walks, training sessions, and on-the-go rewards.

One size treat dispenser

Includes a convenient built-in carabiner to clip the dispenser to a leash, bag or any other attachment point.

A food-grade silicone that repels odour.

Washing the treat dispenser ensures your dog's treats are fresh and germ-free.

Made in China


Treat dispenser

8 x 6,2 x 3,5 cm

Carabiner length

5 cm


The treat dispenser is made from food-grade silicone.

The carabiner is made from Aluminium.

When necessary, remove the carabiner and place the treat dispenser on the top rack of your dishwasher, or hand wash it with dish soap or mild detergent.

Dry it with a clean tea towel.

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