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Camel Teddy Jumper

Camel Teddy Jumper

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soft & comfy

Give your fluffy friend the ultimate warmth and comfort with the Camel Teddy Jumper.  


Harness keyhole for easy and comfortable walks

Keeps your fluffy friend warm and cosy

Versatile neck to mix up their style

Designed and made in Australia


Please note this is just a guide. As dogs come in lots of lovely different shapes and sizes, measure your dog and always choose the next size up if the measurement is close or over the maximum range.


Neck: 26 cm (fits up to) 

Chest: 33 cm (fits up to) 

Back: 26 cm

Roughly suits a 2 kg dog.

Example breeds: Brussel Griffon, Chihuahua, Small Terrier


Neck: 33 cm  (fits up to) 

Chest: 48 cm (fits up to)

Back: 26 cm

Roughly suits a 4 kg dog.

Example breeds: Italian Greyhound, Jack Russell, Mini Dachshund


Neck: 46 cm (fits up to)

Chest: 55 cm (fits up to)

Back: 35 cm

Roughly suits a 6 kg dog.

Example breeds: Cavalier, Mini Schnauzer, Pug,


Neck: 47 cm (fits up to)

Chest: 65 cm  (fits up to)

Back: 40 cm

Roughly suits a 10 kg dog. 

Example breeds: French Bulldog, Pug, Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel


100% polyester

Cold hand wash and line dry

Do not tumble dry

Dry clean allowed

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