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Calm Ears

Calm Ears

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Calm Ears  - ear drops solution

Calm Ears is a soothing essential to keep your pups ears clean and helps to relieve ear discomfort.

These Ear Cleaning Drops are specially formulated to clean, calm, and decongest your fluffy friend's ears while minimizing the risk of injuries or inflammations. The balanced formula matches the pH of the ear canal, ensuring gentle yet effective cleansing.

Enriched with natural ingredients, these drops soften and remove excess wax and dirt without causing irritation. Suitable for both dogs and cats, our Ear Cleaning Drops are scientifically formulated, pH balanced, and cruelty-free.

Vet recommended and proudly made in Spain, they provide optimal care for your pet's ear hygiene needs. 

To use these drops effectively, begin by gently cleaning and drying your pet's ear area. Next, apply 2-3 drops into the external ear canal, ensuring coverage. Massage the area gently to allow the drops to reach the interior of the ear. Allow your pet to shake their head to help distribute the product further. Finally, remove any excess product from the ear.

Remember to avoid contact with the eyes, and use the drops for external use only. Keep the product out of reach of children and pets, and seek medical attention if ingested. With these simple steps, you can ensure optimal ear hygiene for your beloved furry friend.


Drops that clean, calm and decongest the ears, while avoiding possible injuries or inflammations. 

The formula is balanced with the same pH as the ear canal and its natural ingredients help soften and remove excess wax and dirt without irritating the ear.

For dogs and cats

Scientifically formulated

pH balanced

Anti irritation

Cruelty free

Vet recommended

Made in Spain


Gently clean and dry your pet's ear area

Apply 2-3 drops in the external ear canal

Massage the area so that it reaches the interior

Let your pet shake the head

Remove excess product

Avoid contact with eyes

For external use only

Keep out of reach for children and pets

Seek medical attention if ingested


Lavender angustifolia oil, propylene glycol, peg-75 lanolin, p-40
hydrogenated castor oil

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