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Broccoli Nosework Toy

Broccoli Nosework Toy

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squeaky enrichment must-have

Meet the irresistible Broccoli Nosework Toy.


Fill the knotted three hairballs of broccoli with tasty treats and give it to your fluffy friend.

The more they play with the toy, the more confident, stress-relieved, and healthy they'll feel.

Stuff the knotted hairball with longer or bigger treats. Put the treats noticeable.

Stuff the knotted hairball with smaller treats. Hide treats deep in the ball.

For supervised play only.

If the hairball is pulled or snagged, reverse the direction of the stretched string and redistribute the tension to readjust.

If the toy is damaged, please stop use immediately.

Handmade in China


22 x 18 cm

All products are handmade, and sizes may vary slightly.


Cotton and polyester

Poly filled

Machine wash cold with mild detergent and air dry.

Do not use fabric softeners.

Do not bleach and iron.

Do not dry clean.

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