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YUKIMI - premium skincare essentials

With deep care and a genuine concern for their well-being, LA-based brand YUKIMI is committed to nurturing dogs' skin and fur using only the finest natural ingredients. Their core principle centers around the importance of health and joy for our fluffy friends, ensuring every product promotes their overall wellness.

The brand proudly holds the prestigious Dermatest® certification from a world-renowned dermatological institute in Germany. Their products have successfully passed rigorous tests for primary skin irritation and sensitization, guaranteeing their safety and efficacy. This certification reflects their dedication to maintaining the highest standards in pet care, providing peace of mind to pet owners who seek the best for their companions.

By focusing on health, joy, and the use of premium natural ingredients, they set a benchmark in the pet care industry, making their products a reliable choice for those who prioritize the well-being of their furry friends.

YUKIMI - Fluffy Collective