seasonless products for dogs

The story behind The Painter’s Wife started in 2015 with Pepa, the rescued dog of the  founders, Rosana and Josep. Gradually, they realised how hard it was to find the perfect products for Pepa. Two years later, The Painter’s Wife, a project dedicated to the lifestyle for pets and their owners, was born. With an eclectic, contemporary, fresh approach, aligned with the couple's background in fashion and veterinary medicine, The Painter’s Wife brings the needs and life philosophy of today's dog owners to a dog's lifestyle. 

The Spanish brand’s name is a tribute to all the brilliant women hidden behind talented artists, many of whom were also artists. The 20th century Art History revealed dogs as creative minds’ loyal partners, some of them are famous, but others are still to be discovered.

The long-lasting, seasonless products show their commitment to sustainable fashion and personal contribution to climate change. Since their launch, they have been working with high-quality materials, most of them locally sourced, for their raincoats and jumpers for dogs. Green Paw, the brand’s latest label, focuses on sustainability by using certain raw materials and technology that help reducing the environmental impact.

THE PAINTER'S WIFE Fluffy Collective