BOTANICAL BONES - superfood dog treats

In 2020, Rachel Meyer was experimenting with homemade treats for her skittish rescue pup, Carnaby, when she created Botanical Bones, a superfood dog treat brand based in Asheville, North Carolina. Their recipes use human-grade ingredients that promote immunity, calm, and overall well-being for dogs, no matter their needs.

The three superfood dog treats - Flower Power, Inner Glow and Balance + Calm - enriched with adaptogens, are made in small batches with organic functional ingredients and are free from common allergens, ensuring they are safe for even the most sensitive stomachs. Each treat is crafted to support your dog's health and happiness.

As a family-owned business they are committed to giving back by donating a portion of their profits to selected rescue partners. This dedication to quality and community makes this brand a trusted choice for dog parents who want the best for their fluffy friends.

BOTANICAL-BONES - Fluffy Collective