Collection: BERTY

lifestyle products for dogs

Berty is not only a brand; it is a modern concept created for dogs in a way that matches your lifestyle. From morning walks, through play and training, to caring and relaxing together. Berty consults the best vets for everything they make. Together they focus on safety and comfort of your four-legged family members and develop products to make life easier and more enjoyable. They care about aesthetics, use the best ingredients and carefully select high-end materials. At the end of the day functionality brings joy when it’s combined with tastefulness. 

The story behind the name is very simple. They wanted to create pet care products which are better than yours. After combining a few letters, they decided to name the brand berty. Behind berty stand two friends Natalia and Milena, proud dog moms fascinated by the bond that a human can create with a dog. Thanks to many trips together they discovered new places which are not included in guidebooks, became fans of good wine and always inspired by good design. So, they wanted to change the approach to pet care and berty was born.