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Hands-free Dog Leash Black

Hands-free Dog Leash Black

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Hands-free Dog Leash Black

Hands-free bonding - unleash the possibilities with this high-strength silky Hands-free Dog Leash Black.

Introducing an innovative leash designed to simplify your dog walking experience: the Simple Leash with 3-in-1 technology. Say goodbye to complicated adjustment belts and flimsy hooks - this leash offers hassle-free functionality. With its 3-in-1 technology, you can easily move the silicone slider to wear the leash cross-body, on your waist, or simply hold it by hand, providing versatility to suit your preference.

This leash features a high-strength silky rope composition for durability and comfort. Custom silicone fittings and zinc alloy hardware ensure reliability and style. However, please note that this leash should not be worn in saltwater to avoid hardware tarnishing.

With its simple design and innovative features, this leash offers both convenience and reliability, making it the perfect choice for pet owners looking for an easy-to-use leash solution.


Simple to use, highly functional leash with a 3-in-1 technology

No complicated adjustment belt, no flimsy hook, no fuss.

3-in-1 technology means you can move the silicone slider to wear the leash cross-body, on your waist or by hand.

Designed in Australia


Total length: 260 cm

Suitable for dogs of all sizes


High-strength silky rope composition

Custom silicone fittings

Hardware composition: zinc alloy

Do not wear in saltwater to avoid hardware tarnishing. 

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