Collection: W'ZIS

W'ZIS - What's This?

Why are the majority of plant-based treats for dogs brown and bone-shaped? Why do they have that distinctive smell? Many traditional dog treats are made to resemble bones, a classic symbol associated with dogs, and their brown color often results from the ingredients used, such as grains and plant proteins. The distinct smell is usually due to flavorings added to entice dogs. Unfortunately, not all treats focus on health and are often not free from meat-based ingredients. W'ZIS (What's This) changes this narrative.

A name your dog will instinctively recognize, no training necessary. With unique flavors and vibrant colors, these treats truly stand out. You'll love the funky reusable tins, which produce an enticing rattle when shaken, perfect for moments when your fluffy friend needs extra motivation.

Plus, the tins serve the dual purpose of keeping your dog's treats fresh and your pockets uncluttered. These treats are not only health-focused and meat-free but also unique and gift-worthy, redefining what dog treats can be.

W'ZIS Fluffy Collective