Collection: HYGG

HYGG - canine dermatology

Hygg is a brand for canine dermatology, founded by Stacey and Joan in Spain. Their products are aesthetically designed for humans and scientifically designed for dogs. Stacey and Joan believe in a world where the art of perfumery is adapted and made available to all dogs.

To help dogs in need, they use their brand to foster collaboration and create a community of like-minded dog lovers who share the same vision. Through collaboration and volunteer work, the Spanish brand offers free pampering services to shelter dogs across Spain. By providing these services, they aim to improve the well-being of shelter dogs and increase their chances of finding forever homes.
Stacey and Joan’s dedication to both aesthetics and science ensures that every product is safe, effective, and luxurious. Their commitment to community and canine care sets them apart, making their brand a beacon of hope and quality in the world of pet care.
HYGG Fluffy Collective