Collection: DOGANICS®

DOGANICS® - a new era of feel-good dog care

Doganics® is more than just a brand. It represents a new era of dog care, where purity, passion, and canine wellness seamlessly converge. Inspired by a profound love and affection for pets, it is a heartfelt journey. Founded by Anna and Mikkel in Barcelona, the brand embodies their shared vision of providing dogs with the same level of care and quality that we give ourselves.

With backgrounds in both the pet and skincare industries, Anna and Mikkel bring a wealth of expertise and commitment to organic excellence to the table. This ensures that every dog care product is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of our beloved fluffy friends.

The organically made products are gentle on sensitive skin yet highly effective, prioritising the well-being of our dogs. Each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen for its safety and efficacy, eflecting the brand's unwavering commitment to eco-friendly quality and care.

DOGANICS - Fluffy Collective