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Everyday Slicker Brush

Everyday Slicker Brush

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Everyday Slicker Brush

The Everyday Slicker Brush is designed to prevent matting and leave your dog’s coat soft and fluffy. The dense, extra-long stainless steel pins effortlessly glide through tangles and knots. Featuring a sturdy wood handle coated in our signature velvety finish, this brush combines beauty and exceptional performance.

Brushing with a slicker brush is crucial for several reasons. It prevents matting and removes dead, unshed hair, ensuring your dog's coat stays smooth and healthy. This grooming tool also helps prevent pain and irreversible damage by detangling knots before they become problematic.

Regular use stimulates the skin, distributes natural oils throughout the coat, and removes dead, dry skin, dirt, and debris, contributing to overall skin and coat health. Additionally, it helps catch early signs of skin changes, allowing for prompt treatment of any issues.

Brushing also aids in socialising your dog for grooming appointments, making the experience less stressful for them. This brush is recommended by groomers and vets and is also the favorite of Pupwell's founder.


The Everyday Slicker Brush is recommended by groomer & vets.

Designed to prevent matting, and make the coat soft & fluffy.

The dense, extra-long stainless steel pins easily brush through tangles and knots.

With a sturdy wood handle coated in our signature velvety finish, this brush is not just beautiful, it's a master in its class.

Brushing with a slicker brush...

prevents matting

removes dead, unshed hair

prevents pain and possibly irreversible damage

stimulates the skin

distributes natural oil throughout the coat

removes dead and dry skin

removes dirt and debris

catches skin changes early

supports socialising for grooming appointments

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