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Chewden Grip Sage Green

Chewden Grip Sage Green

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enjoyable chewing 

This chew holder protects your fluffy friend against choking and elevates the chew session. 


Your dog will be encouraged to spend extra time to get to the last part of each chew, working their full set of teeth in the meantime.

Chewden Grip keeps dog chews off the ground and away from your dog's paws. 

It also provides for a grippier hold for those that need a little more encouragement. 

A quick rinse is all it takes to clean up after.

Chewden is made to last, but it is not indestructible. Supervision is still strongly encouraged.

Chewden Grip secures (up to 13 kg of force) the end of dog chews to stop your dog from swallowing them whole. 

Simply enjoy the oh-so therapeutic sound of chewing while your dog gnaws away towards better wellbeing.

Made in China


10 x 10 x 7 cm

Weight: 0,22 kg


Made with BPA free, phthalates free, and non toxic TPE, military grade nylon VELCRO® strap. Every Grip comes with an insert for helping to secure smaller chews.

Chewden Grip is top rack dishwasher safe, max. 50°. 

Handwash is recommended for long term care. 

Do not expose to high heat over long periods of time. 

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