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Gentle dog wipes / package is travel friendly.

This is my… 6th(?) or 7th packet already. Love these? Most wipes come in bulky packaging, but these are great to bring with you in a bag or when traveling! The formula is gentle on the skin and smells not too strong but ‘clean’. Like to use these to wipe his paws after a muddy walk!

Perfekt für unterwegs

Alles in einer Flasche, bin begeistert.

Wie schön, dass euch die Flasche überzeugt hat. Danke für euren Support!

Beste Decke

Ganz wunderbare Decke für unseren Toy Terrier Welpen.

Danke liebe Katja, das freut uns sehr!!


I receive one to try and my dog loves so much I have to re-order, these treat smell the smoky flavor, please restock?!

That is fantastic, thank you, Athena! We will have a restock available pretty soon and we will keep you posted!

Not use yet, but the fabric seems good quality and the size is perfect to dry my puppy.

Thank you Athena

I like the collapsible thing, two compartments for food and water, I take everywhere with me. My dog love it! He eat outside with this product.

Happy to hear that you both love it

My dog loves it and we all know, when they sleep well, we sleep well

Surf and turf for my pup


Dogs and berty snacks are a match made in heaven

These berty products are loved by my dog

Great product, my dog can’t get enough. Need to reorder very soon.

Stylish piece!

Pretty, pink and nutritious. Recommended

Healthy and my dog likes the additional spice!

His favourite toy to date. Can only recommend!


Amazing product, my pup is in love (he’s a very picky eater)