APPROVED BY FRITZ - colorful accessories for dogs

Approved By Fritz was founded by Daniëlle, a lucky dog owner, who got the opportunity to adopt her pup Fritz in 2021. During lockdown, New York City was left behind and only kept alive by all the dogs and their parents. The city that used to be filled with a buzzing city lifestyle showed its beauty with its iconic color combinations, e.g. New York's subway seats.

With a background and passion for brands, design and dogs, Daniëlle wanted to create colourful and sustainable pet accessories and also become a responsible brand, taking care of dogs and our planet. As a modern dog mom, Daniëlle strives to make sure all dogs get the best treatments they can.

That being said, in the end it's Fritz, a happy, stubborn and spoiled pup and her CEAO (Chief Entertainment and Approval Officer), who approves.