LAMBWOLF COLLECTIVE - enrichment toys for pets

Lambwolf Collective was founded over a relentless need to elevate the quality of life with furry family members. Seeing the world from the eyes of their puppies, they work to design products with a sophisticated minimalism and primitivism. 

For decades, Montessori schools have demonstrated the impressive potential of open ended materials in motivating kids to be more creative and inquisitive about the items with which they play. The New York based brand took this idea and applied it to their enrichment toys for pets. By shifting the focus from human aesthetic appeal to improved functionality, sustainability and maximised fluff ball satisfaction, they are introducing a different approach to pet care and enrichment.

In addition to its signature Nou collection, their toy range, in a sea of soft, earthy hues, is designed and  beautifully hand-made with the utmost love and care by founder Ang and her team.