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The Odin Toy Powder Blue

The Odin Toy Powder Blue

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The Odin Toy Powder Blue - interactive enrichment toy

Place treats into the flaps of this minimalistic dog puzzle toy and watch as your fluffy friend tosses and rolls The Odin Toy Powder Blue to get the treats out.

The Odin Toy is a treat-dispensing enrichment dog toy designed to provide interactive playtime for your furry friend. This minimalistic puzzle toy features flaps where you can place treats, encouraging your dog to toss and roll the toy to retrieve them. It's available in three stylish colors to suit your preference.

Made from TPR, the toy is non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and latex-free, ensuring your pet's safety. Though designed for fun and mental stimulation, it is not a chew toy, and you should supervise your dog while they play.

As no toy is indestructible, it's important to stop use if the toy becomes damaged. The Odin Toy offers an engaging way to keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated while rewarding their efforts with treats. Manufactured in China, it combines durability with safe materials, making it a reliable choice for interactive pet play.


A treat dispensing enrichment dog toy

Available in 3 colors

This is not a chew toy. Supervise your dog while playing.

No toy is indestructible, stop use if damaged.

Made of TPR (non-toxic, BPA free, pthalate free, latex free) in China


9,1 x 8,3 x 9,6 cm


Start with small treats or kibble that fall out easily so your dog is quickly rewarded for playing.

Show them how it works by rolling it around and having treats fall out in front of them.

As they get better at it, upgrade to larger treats to increase difficulty.

Take it away if they start gnawing or ripping at the show and show them again to just roll the toy.

Rinse with soapy water or use top rack of your dishwasher (gentle cycle).

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