Collection: PLANT DOG

plant-based dog treats

The passing of a dog at the age of 28, who was on a plant-based diet, was the initial motivation for Taiwan-born YuHua to combine her two passions — food and dogs — to create a brand that would be unique, healthy, functional, and delicious, even for the pickiest eaters. Plant Dog also allows YuHua to work and give back to the community and to help alleviate environmental issues by sourcing local ingredients. All of their treats and bars are made with no more than 8 organic, natural, human grade ingredients. The bars and cookies are free of soy, corn, wheat, salt, preservative, sweetners, smoke flavors, artifical flavors and colors. It is not her goal to make every dog 100% vegan, plant-based, or vegetarian but simply to add a bit of health to your fluffy friend’s daily routine.


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