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RAW FOR PAW - freeze-dried dog treats from Sweden

The idea for Raw for Paw started with a longing for the perfect dog treat. Founder Karin Pontén, with her personal experience in dog training, understood that motivating and rewarding a dog is much easier when the treat is just right. She envisioned a dog treat that contains only meat, cares for animals fairly, and is so irresistible that dogs would do anything for another bite.

Raw for Paw dog treats are freeze-dried pieces of meat, naturally made from Nordic ingredients. It contains 100% meat from animals that have lived in the Nordic forests, offering different flavors: deer, moose, reindeer and roe deer. Products with single protein are beneficial for dogs with sensitivities, and most dogs usually tolerate wild meat well.

This concept resulted in soft, freeze-dried pieces that don’t stick or crumble, making them perfect for carrying loose in your pocket. Raw for Paw is a low-calorie dog treat, allowing you to reward your dog often and generously. Produced in their factory in Småland, all ingredients are carefully selected from the Nordic region.


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