Collection: VALKA KUKUR

VALKA KUKUR - Zeitgeist dog accessories

Valka Kukur presents handmade, modern, and sophisticated accessories for your fluffy friend, including a hands-free modular leash system, bespoke collars, and more. 

It began as a passion project when Barcelona-based dog parents couldn't find a comfortable and stylish solution for taking their dogs out. They desired something that would keep their hands free for daily activities like holding a coffee to go, checking their phone, hugging friends, or running errands.

Furthermore, they wanted the dog leash to be a beautiful and functional, easy-to-adjust accessory, complemented by perfectly matched, comfortable collars for their beloved dogs.

The initial samples were crafted at home during long winter evenings. They experimented with various knots, ropes, styles, and constructions. The result was so impressive that they produced several samples in different colorways, enabling them to coordinate the rope leashes with various clothing styles and express their individuality.

As enthusiasts of fashion, they believe that accessories offer an excellent means of self-expression, which is why they pay meticulous attention to every detail. 

VALKA-KUKUR - Fluffy Collective