Collection: NOCAT STUDIO

Nocat studio is a team of dog loving people, who are on a mission to celebrate all the loving dogs in the world through a Nordic luxury beauty brand for dogs. Compromise in not an option, they strive for perfection and stand for quality and always act with the intentions of our four legged friends at heart. They have created nocat studio to make a positive difference for you and your dog and to deliver sustainable luxury products without harmful chemistry.

All their products are perfectly pH-balanced for dogs and made from organic and natural ingredients with a cuddle guaranteed scent. Luft (Air in English) and Jord (Earth in English) are a tribute to their Nordic heritage. Clean and fresh scents that make your mind wander and think of all the great things nature has to offer.

The product range from nocat studio consists of the revitalising cuddle+care shampoo and the 3 in 1 refresh+detangle grooming spray. Use the cuddle+care shampoo for cleansing and the mind blowing 3 in 1 grooming spray for the final touch. The grooming spray is also perfect for freshening up the fur whenever needed. Both products leave the fur soft and clean. Nocat studio is sustainable luxury with a cuddle-guaranteed scent.