Collection: SPRINGER

Springer is a female owned business led by daughter Shannon (and her dog Rishi) and mother Diana (and her dog Bongo). The brand is backed by a family history of innovation going all the way back to 1983. It began as a different brand with designing smart, sustainable products for an active lifestyle.

More than 35 years and many patents later, they started bringing innovation to dog-friendly designs. The passionate team behind Springer has a clear mission: Helping you spending more time with your fluffy friends celebrating all the best that dogs bring, guided by the following:

Originality: Innovation is their DNA. They invent through design-forward processes. 

Integrity: They are committed to the highest quality and delivering their promises.

Community: Their goal is bringing humans and their four-legged ones together.

Sustainability: They donate 1% to the best playground for pups: Mother Earth.