Collection: SETTLE

eco-friendly dog beds

Never again does your beloved pet’s snooze spot need be forced into the corner of a room or hidden away in a utility. Instead, Settle has reclaimed the dog bed as an interior furnishing, designed to be chosen with the same intention that you select a rug or mirror to personalise your home. 

Settle believes in bringing an end to the era of ugly dog beds. Basically, they are here to shake up this stagnant industry and change people’s perceptions of what a dog bed can be. They are re-imagining the dog bed through sustainability and style.

Their beds are eco-conscious, made in the UK from recycled plastic and designed to take centre stage in a stylish interior. With unmatched quality that offers outrageous comfort and support, every fluffy friend will have the best night's sleep of their life on a Settle bed. Finally, a dog bed that is sustainable and beautiful!