Collection: BLOIRE

cotton catnip toy bundles

Founder Myriam dreamt up Bloire, a wonderland full of warmth, creativity, joy and mostly cats!

Bloire comes from the combination of the French words Blanc & Noire, meaning white & black. Put together, you get Bl-oire. Bloire represents the perfect color combination, the balance in everything, and most of all, it is the color of the brand's two muses precious Benjamin, and Theodore.

With great cat essentials, Bloire makes playtime and cuddle time much easier, better and more cheerful for felines and people. With a background in fashion and an unconditional love for cats, Myriam emphasizes function as much as form and makes sure their products are made to match your lifestyle and meet your cat's needs so you can have the best of both worlds: designed and functional products that everyone will love.